If you want to take advantage of all these benefits I recommend Surfshark. This VPN is cheap (best quality/price ratio) and its offer covers all the reasons why we want a VPN:

  • The encryption of NordVPN is an OpenVPN AES 256bit GCM with with a 2048 bit Diffie-Hellman key.
  • NordVPN installs on all possible media. The flagship support is Windows. The connection software of NordVPN is simple and effective. For each support there are help tutorials.
  • NordVPN effectively protects a Wifi connection (Bars – Hôtels – Trains – Public places) grâce à its mobile applications and à its high level of encryption. Public WiFi networks are particularly insecure. The presence of IKEv2 is a real asset. It is the protocol that I always use when I connect with Windows on a Wifi not secure.
  • NordVPN has + 5000 servers in 58 countries. Each server hosts hundreds of IPs. These IPs are dynamic and shared. They are the best IPs for confidentiality. Indeed, dynamic IPs are not assigned to a particular account but only as soon as a person connects. In addition, several users share the same IP so that a person is not easily identifiable.
  • Push anonymization. In addition to ensuring the confidentiality of your data, NordVPN pushes a little further by offering you two tools for further anonymity. These are TOR over VPN (you connect to NordVPN and then TOR) and Double VPN (two VPN servers instead of one). These last servers are excellent against live IP tracking. Trafficking live becomes very difficult.
  • NO LOG. This issue is critical. A VPN without LOG protects your privacy. NordVPN is based in Panama, a country with no data retention laws. NordVPN is outside of the jurisdictions that require access providers to keep user data for months or even years. In addition NordVPN has done an audit to certify its NO LOG and the VPN barato @ espana.
  • NordVPN allows you to tél safely load Torrents. Read the best VPN for Torrent, NordVPN offers everything you need: Dedicated Torrent servers; NO LOG; Kill Switch; Compatibility with Torrent software or NAS (Freebox; Synology; QNAP)
  • From the same NordVPN is perfectly compatible with all types of Streaming present on KODI or FireStick. Apps or extensions that use Torrents or File Hosts to stream video links (movies – serials) are secured by NordVPN.
  • NordVPN is fighting against the general blocking of legal streaming platforms. Most of them do not pose any problems for this VPN. For example access to the Canadian catalog of Netflix from France is a formality!
  • NordVPN has the principle of offering a free network and neutral servers. Thus NordVPN does not filter, does not monitor your activities and does not limit the speed of its servers. There is no bandwidth limitation with NordVPN.
  • NordVPN has several specialized servers including obfuscated. Obfuscation consists in scrambling your OpenVPN connection to bypass D.P.I and Firewalls that prevent you from accessing the Internet. The Obfusqueness version of Surfshark finlandia @ globalwatchonline is an encapsulation of its OpenVPN by an encrypted tunnel TLS 1.3 (SSL).